Cuddle Doon

(1879) by Alexander Anderson

The bairnies cuddle doon at nicht Wi muckle faught and din. “Oh try an’ sleep, ye waukrife rogues, Your faither’s comin’ in.” They niver heed a word I speak, I try tae gie a froon, But aye I hap’ them up an’ cry “Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon!” Wee Jamie wi’ the curly heid, He aye sleeps next the wa’ Bangs up and cries, “I want a piece!” The rascal starts them a’. I rin and fetch them pieces, drinks, They stop a wee the soun’, Then draw the blankets up an’ cry, “Noo, weanies, cuddle doon.” But ere five minutes gang, wee Rab Cries oot frae neath the claes, “Mither, mak’ Tam gie ower at aince, He’s kittlin’ wi’ his taes.” The mischief in that Tam for tricks, He’d bother half the toon, But aye I hap them up an’ cry, “Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon!” At length they hear their faither’s fit An’ as he steeks the door, They turn their faces tae the wa’ An Tam pretends tae snore. “Hae a’ the weans been gude?” he asks, As he pits aff his shoon. “The bairnies, John, are in their beds An’ lang since cuddled doon!” An’ just afore we bed oorsel’s We look at oor wee lambs, Tam has his airm roun’ wee Rab’s neck An Rab his airm roun’ Tam’s. I lift wee Jamie up the bed An as I straik each croon, I whisper till my heart fills up: “Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon!” The bairnies cuddle doon at nicht Wi’ mirth that’s dear tae me. But soon the big warl’s cark an’ care Will quiten doon their glee. Yet come what will to ilka ane, May He who rules aboon, Aye whisper, though their pows be bald: “Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon!”