portrait of Frank L. Stanton

Keep a-Goin’!

(1900) by Frank Lebby Stanton

Ef you strike a thorn or rose, Keep a-goin’! Ef it hails, or ef it snows, Keep a-goin’! ’Taint no use to sit an’ whine, When the fish ain’t on yer line; Bait yer hook an’ keep a-tryin’— Keep a-goin’! When the weather kills yer crop, Keep a-goin’! When you tumble from the top, Keep a-goin’! S’pose you’re out o’ every dime, Bein’ so ain’t any crime; Tell the world you’re feelin’ prime Keep a-goin’! When it looks like all is up, Keep a-goin’! Drain the sweetness from the cup, Keep a-goin’! See the wild birds on the wing, Hear the bells that sweetly ring, When you feel like sighin’ sing Keep a-goin’!