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I wrote about arthropods more than once before I realized that I had more than a passing interest in them. Cabinet of Curiosities includes a chapter that describes five insects (ant, dung beetle, ladybug, monarch butterfly, and dragonfly. Extinct animals has a chapter on extinct bugs of the British Isles and a chapters on arthropods from all over. The book of science describes arthropods of the Burgess shale, Batesian and Müllerian mimicry of butterflies and moths, ants, and includes drawings of a trilobite, a flea, a bumblebee, and a fruitfly.

In an attempt to focus on the features of arthropods that matter to us the most, I have organized this book by features, not by creatures.

The cover illustration depicts an earwig, Hemimerus hanseni.


Most of the topics below link to Wikipedia.org, which is a great resource for learning about arthropods.

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Tom Sharp is a member of Seldovia Village Tribe, and is the author of numerous books.

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