Chapter 10. Dream artists

Robert felt the power of creation

Robert drew a line and curved it into a form. He gave it power until it lived on its own. Deep in our past, color opened into forests and savannas. A small figure stood from the tall grasses and she was the difference between life and death.

Sean felt like an imposter

Sean felt like an imposter because he couldn’t draw. He wasn’t taught in drawing class to use an image projector. But his work was popular so he called himself an artist.

Sally saw things

Sally knew that other people needed help seeing things. She could move colors from one object to another. She could rearrange a room without moving furniture. She saw things on her own, and there was so much to see.

Tim drew before he could talk

Tim begged for a pencil when he was five. They gave him paper so he wouldn’t draw on walls. He never drew stick figures; he drew images that he saw on television. He drew before he could talk. He wanted to see why his parents and sisters were drawn to those images.

Sue had vivid dreams

The inspiration for her work came from her dreams. Sue only had to close her eyes for each beginning and each completion. Remembering, it seemed, gave her everything she needed.