Chapter 2. Aliens from space


Aliens are technologically advanced; otherwise, they couldn’t have gotten here from outer space. They are more intelligent than we are, as shown by their success in cloaking their activities. They mean us no harm, or we’d be dead already. They are interested in human beings the way we are interested in bears in a zoo. To them, we seem dangerous and unpredictable, too dangerous to be given our freedom, too unpredictable to be trusted. The reason that they look like us is that we are the descendents of their genetic experiments, crossbreeding early life on earth. I think we want to believe in them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


Petroglyphs and Mayan wall paintings show gods in spacesuits. The vimana in the Ramayana are floating palaces and in the Vedas the gods mount flying chariots. In the Bible, Ezekiel described living creatures in a flying chariot. They say that Hopi and Zuni Kachina are based on aliens, not supernatural creatures. An inscription in the temple of Seti I in Abydos shows a helicopter, a submarine, and a jet plane. * Some say that claiming ancient art reflects alien visitors belittles the imagination and independence of early cultures. The Mayan text accompanying the sarcophagus lid of Lord Pakal identifies it as a portrait of the ruler himself, not an astronaut in a spaceship. Some say that ancient flying palaces and chariots show spiritual power and status, and can not be reduced to evidence of physical levitation or propulsion. While we’re at it, the Hindutva movement asserts that television, automobiles, and stem-cell research were invented two millennia ago. Some say Ezekiel’s prophesies were not to be taken literally and that instead of “wheels within wheels” he was describing Ophanim, angels who guard the throne of God, Ophanim being Hebrew for “wheels.” Some say that Kachina have important roles in the peoples’ mythology and to say they were aliens is to cheapen their significance. Some say the Abydos images are the result of two overlapping inscriptions, the first plastered over and the second carved over it, but to believe this you would have to assume the carvers thought they were carving readable inscriptions.


William Herschel, who discovered Uranus, saw evidence of life on the Moon and claimed that intelligent beings lived below the surface of the sun. Percival Lowell wrote that an advanced and ancient culture on Mars built canals to channel water from the poles. Benevolent Nordic aliens come from the Pleiades. David Icke says that shape-shifting reptilians come from the Alpha Draconis star system. Washington Irving pointed out that pea-green lunatics were from the moon. There’s no way to verify that women are from Venus, men are from Mars.

Little green men

Little green men act like children. In dreams and drunken stupors, they are our own young selves after years of misery, still wanting the same things.

Alien races

The Greys are short with heads like light bulbs gray skin, and only three fingers on each hand. The Nordics are tall and physically beautiful, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Reptilians are tall and scaly, but can shift their shapes to look like us.

Area 51

Governments all over the world have hoarded and studied alien technology and they’ve been keeping it from us. For years the U.S. government has been collecting artifacts from aliens— storing and studying them at Area 51. They say that materials and technology from the UFO that crashed at Roswell has been studied at Area 51. They say that alien corpses have been dissected, and living aliens have been debriefed, contributing to top-secret projects. When secrecy mandates silence, it’s impossible to deny rumors. The simplest explanation is not necessarily the most convincing.

Odd memories

They have something like an electromagnetic field that affects the temporal lobes of our brains, which keeps an experience vivid but utterly scrambles it so it doesn’t correspond to what really happened. Usually they’ll make you forget them, but sometimes this doesn’t work; people’s brains are so different, their memories might reside in unexpected places. You might remember being frightened and creatures reassuring you; you might remember the room you were in, high above the town where you live, but they’ll make you think it was a dream.


They want to maintain their secrecy because we can’t be trusted, so they cloak their appearance, they communicate telepathically. and they scramble our memories. Even though aliens are not always successful in hiding their aircraft, or disguising their visits, the memories that survive are sufficiently hazy so that our authorities can easily discredit them. Nevertheless, beliefs germinate and grow from small seeds with only slight nourishments, and eventually aliens have power over us because we believe in them.

Current research

Current research focuses on discovering the secret means by which aliens control life on earth. This includes the possibility that some viruses are alien nano-bots, that people have been influenced by alien mind-control experiments, and some by direct implants of tiny devices that manipulate our thoughts and create memories while we sleep. Cockroaches are bred by aliens in their genetic experiments to monitor human populations, and some are used to infect rodent populations so that rats or mice can act in a coordinated way to undermine our defenses. Our computers and smart phones are not safe from alien viruses either. These can thwart our attempts to coordinate anything that would threaten or expose them, and they can encourage behaviors that foster disharmony and chaos. In all this we need to accept the possibility that alien activities are not entirely benevolent. Our own thoughts are not to be trusted.


You may say it can’t be proven that aliens walk among us, but I say it can’t be proven that they don’t.

We are not alone

In a recent study, scientists counted 900 thousand species of insects, and almost 8 million species of animals. Plus we have octopuses that definitely seem they could be from another planet. Maybe aliens from outer space is not such an outlandish belief.