Chapter 16. Cures for cancer


Cancer strikes regardless of age or worth. People should never die without a reason. Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have too much invested in the status quo.


Linus Pauling said vitamin C prevents cancer. Johanna Brandt cured people using purple grape juice. William D. Kelley cured cancer using natural enzymes. Philip Binzel cured cancer with liquid laetrile from apricot seeds. Johanna Budwig cured people with fruit juice, flaxseed oil, and cottage cheese. Royal Rife made a machine to kill cancer cells with electricity. Rene Caisse Rene cured people with herbs. Sometimes people ignore their doctors and the cancer simply disappears.


Otto Warburg said damaged DNA doesn’t cause cancer; the cause is bacteria that thrive in low oxygen environments, as cellular respiration switches from oxygen to fermentation of sugars. Hardin B. Jones claimed that people who aren’t treated have a better survival rate than people who are because nature knows how to cure cancer better than the pharmaceutical industry.


The pharmaceutical industry conspires to suppress knowledge of natural treatments because they would lose billions if these were known, and the media is in on it.