Chapter 13. Free energy

Energy from the void

People tell me it’s impossible because the laws of thermodynamics say that nothing comes of nothing, that any process leaks energy. But people don’t realize how much energy exists all around us in the void. All we have to do is perform a little trick so that instead of leaking energy, we soak it up.

Gravity power

If gravity can bend space so that starlight bends around planets why can’t we use our own gravity as a source of free energy? All we really do is to spin a rigid copper rod across earth’s gravitational curve. We put electrical contacts on each end and voila! * If you don’t believe that, here’s another trick. You need an antigravitational device that you can turn on and off, and that consumes little if any power but can neutralize any weight. People have described such devices. Then all you need is a setup where you turn the device on to lift a weight and let the weight generate power when you turn it off.

Motionless electromagnetic generator

A permanent magnet generates a magnetic field and “runs” forever without diminishment. To take advantage of this, we oscillate an iron core surrounding two opposed permanent magnets. Coils wrapped around the sides of the core collect three times the power used to oscillate the core.


Many inventors of overunity generators say they are unwilling to use their own devices because the energy company would confiscate them and destroy the freedom and security of their families. Others say they would be heaped with scorn, which their professional reputations could not survive because their devices seem to violate the laws of physics even though they exist and are working fine in their garages.

Gasoline pill

Wang Hongcheng, in China, made a lot of money selling his magic liquid. He said the magic liquid converted water into a fuel as combustible as gasoline. Any vehicle designed to burn gasoline could run on water with only two or three drops of his liquid added. This reminds me of a Boy Scout joke. When preparing for a campout, one boy would ask another “Did you remember to pack water pills?” Water pills? “Sure, if you run out of water, you put a water pill in your canteen and just add water.” It turns out, many believe the oil industry has suppressed working gasoline pills and powders, also fantastic carburetors, and antigravitational devices. Guido Franch invented a green powder that, added to water, resulted in what he called “mota fuel,” “mota” being “atom” spelled backwards; however, his powder was only green food coloring. Ramar Pillai claimed that his herbal formula, derived from the Boswellia ovalifoliolata bush, would magically transmute water to kerosene; however, the magic was only sleight of hand. Tim Johnston took in over $100 million for a “magic pill that cut emission and made fuel last longer”; however, after his company collapsed, neither money nor pill could be found.

Cold fusion

Room-temperature fusion, producing cheap and clean energy from electrolysis of heavy water with a palladium electrode, had potential advantages outweighing obvious difficulties and enough subjective effects to trick plenty of false results.