Dust bug

The dust bug is a lonely crawler, genetically related to the daddy longlegs, but smaller. It’s very shy, avoiding people, and works well in the dark. Their genetically programmed role is to clean your house of dust. They also grab cobwebs and hairs. They put all these nuisances in their box, which you need to empty regularly, so we recommend keeping their box in your laundry and making their care a part of your regular routine. In addition to emptying their box, we provide dust-bug pellets, which sustains them but have no odor and don’t attract other pests. If you keep them fed, they keep your house free of dust, and they never overbreed. Some people don’t like them, and that’s all right, but in addition to their programmed role, they will eat mites, bedbugs, spiders, fleas, ants, and any other small bug that gets into your house.