Chapter 7. Books

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind – Shunryu Suzuki

Where does one begin? So many of these books have changed lives, like old friends, a group of like minds, but always new.

Spring & All – William Carlos Williams

Uninhibited, Williams pries into things as they are, Spring, culture, and the spirit to revive youthful possibilities.

Credences of Winter – David Bromige

If each poem were a perfect justification of itself, why wouldn’t each one seem to be written by a different poet? Few poets want to develop another’s voice. Each poem is a revision, an experiment, in the best way to be itself, given the blood and sweat of its creator.

The Science Book – Peter Tallack, editor

Each page is a life’s work. Each page tells you how our world works.

Things People Do – Tom Sharp

Since we cannot stop them, what can we learn from the things people do? Screaming, laughing, yawning, blushing, we do the same things they do. Crying, muttering, worrying? Have some sympathy. Everyone isn’t as lucky as you. Smiling, dreaming, loving. Let other people teach you how to care.