[gear with six spokes]

The Cacophony of Rapture

in two movements


  1. the experience
  2. i pray for magical thinking
  3. on thin ice, might as well dance
  4. the free jazz of karma
  5. lay your ear to the rail
  6. attracting a new season
  7. the foot bridge from a parallel universe
  8. the heart is a hollow muscle
  9. a road ruined
  10. the lives of boxes
  11. six letter word
  12. manon
  13. the alias of words
  14. the maw
  15. hindsight
  16. fire walk
  17. this overpopulated alias
  18. my name
  19. i’ll wash your bones
  20. wild and wise

the cacophony of rapture

The cacophony of rapture is the clashing tribal noise rising through the dust clouds obscuring the crumbling tower of babel. It is the dissonance of hope as it is incinerated by exclusivity.