As Far As

intro as far as the eye could see somebody waiting for somebody thinking is thinking about somebody has forgotten sometimes very often I see from a distance it is very hard to tell for instance always in other words not always yes indeed someone can appear to be lost though I appeared at a place in time out of nowhere poem To all appearances externally outwardly on the outside apparently at first glance at first sight evidently on the surface seemingly to the casual eye to the casual observer on the face of it as far as one can judge as far as one can tell to all intents and purposes it seems that it appears by all accounts it would seem it would appear it would appear that it seems to judge by appearances it would seem that it appears to go by appearances as far as you can see from all appearances to the outside world to the eye for all intents and purposes in appearance so it would seem reputedly so it appears from appearances so it would appear so the story goes as far as one knows at face value presumably professedly purportedly pretendedly avowedly