Fading into the Light

Memory has a place at a certain level in everyday life like do you remember can you recall the difference between joy and pleasure who paid the fine what you talking about joy or pleasure take your time the beat goes on lets evolve becoming who cannot be disturbed by circumstance always or often somewhere in between sorry to disappoint you I don’t live here anymore call me on a dark night of the soul while I’m having a drink at the local tavern the path well-illuminated leads nowhere just where you are once and for all fading into the light of common day considering the time at our disposal do we wish to reach a conclusion round the clock in real time what an opportunity who needs it pleasure comes into being though standing nowhere to grasp is to hold let’s reconcile freedom from the known just like going back with a flashlight to see in the dark making sure the switches have been all turned to off genuine darkness we reap the rewards looking for clues expectations all aghast nowhere to stand memory has a place at a certain level in everyday life