Wordless Songs

Wordless songs outside my own sense of continuity lack of direction from which a direction first comes into being where nothing moves except the shadows never the same whatever the intention relating the motivation to act called impulse in considering one’s own eternal assertion being existence though the image which only expresses an image only grasping a portion which is the concept labelled real actual true the bewilderment touching the longing the very question what is longing exploring principles of renewal now exposed to our limits of recognition shall I cry out for mercy there’s no mirror no mirror to be broken bringing longing into the world that immortal tincture in which the melancholy of the ultimate resonates even in the condition of repose speech not only composed of definitions as we know enclosure what happens when we define in the background is a walled city the thought itself unuttered speech becoming an acquaintance particulars making us wiser though that fixed insistence on a one-sided standpoint will not lead to the desired results let us neutralize the significance of every situation allowing everything to become ghostly in our presence gaze embodying the condition of not seeing harvesting the manna of belonging