You Can Look out the Window

1/ Little sympathy for the merely personal let us become more worthy by bending our minds to the impersonal reality as always being inexhaustible facing it always with the same face keeps us up to par on the course of the dividing line between self and others or do you at times stay up late reminiscing about the pure idea of a chair embodying a volition called sitting such as sitting at the open window yes you can look out the window to see who is coming who is going though I prefer saying you can look out the window and see who is coming and going to see implies intention whereas and see includes circumstances and then and then and when and when beyond our control maybe even using another window thoughts explained by other thoughts having a good view of what’s outside maneuvering outside of oneself vision conforming to circumstances on the scale of complicity though you might catch me looking for your offered hand at all times a type of beneficence 2/ Questioning the primary delight when we most perfectly remember ourselves asking what is this all about finally settled in the no one there inevitable element of repetition entering the open unknowing formulated from moment to moment what comes after what comes after personal edging its way to personality crying out rescue me rescue me while distracting yourself by considering the difference between a window and a door tendency inclination come what may primary delight finally settled once and for all though concealed in the nobody home who goes there who goes where as in nowhere though you are free to observe who is coming and going the first thing about a house is its location having a good view of what’s outside and then and then and when and when to free ourselves from circumstances main function of a door though you have to decide whether to open the door 3/ Have you come to inquire regarding the personal definition the meaning of our experience setting in order first come first served those mountains in the distance you don’t even have to see them gone beyond seeing is believing that’s what I think and you do you also have a that considering the means of preparation at least an open hand to assist at the crossing as it becomes known to the architect of manifestation direct contact to the other consider the desert where we use our talent as needed carrying our light in our open hand being the only one to define ourselves as we grasp the tools of self perspective no others just another made to think or feel our own perspective at times inclination rather than actual activity