About this book

Each piece in this book is a journey of discovery, not only for the poet, but for the readers who take it in. Each journey, like its posed alternatives and contradictions, is like zen:

what better choice / than having no choice at all looking to see what’s there / same as looking to see what’s not there

What’s there is serious and concerning but ends with reassurance. What you find is not always what you are looking at, but if you go looking then you will always find something worthwhile—commonplaces with surprises, surprising commonplaces.

The poems, like the story, take leaps of faith; they recognize the importance of random events, unexpected turns of phrase, and then they resolve to leave you in a new place where the water becomes crystal clear and reflects the wide blue sky.

— Tom Sharp

The author

Gordon Carrega
Photo by Ursula Schorn

Gordon Carrega (born 1944) is the author of two other books published by Sharpgiving Press: Blind Study, and Later for You. He has also published several books of prose poems, and has published in various magazines. He immigrated from Berkeley, California, to Berlin, Germany in 1987.

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