He was secretly a trickster

Milo lived in a quiet little town. He was unmarried and middle-aged but he had grown up there so nobody paid any attention to him. Nevertheless, he was responsible for many unconventional acts of kindness in his town. Records of the Rykers family vanished so they were not taxed during their hard times. A bat house was mounted in a hidden nook of the clock tower. A marble water bowl for street dogs appeared at the corner of a church. Personal properties stolen by the school-ground bully were discovered by the bully’s aunt. The unpopular school principal was moved to another town. A repressed young woman unexpectedly received a letter from the provincial government offering a teaching position in the city. A fire broke out in a barn, preventing a milkmaid from being raped by the farmer. A poor artist received a commission for a public mural from a women’s club. The funder was anonymous. No one suspected a single agent was responsible for these acts of kindness, let alone Milo, the quiet clerk whom nobody noticed.