on this U.S. postage stamp, Alley Oop rides on the neck of his purple pet dinosaur, Dinny, wearing a fur loincloth and holding a stone axe

Alley OopV. T. Hamlin

Allez, oop!

Not your stereotypical troglodyte, Alley Oop is a stocky Popeye wearing a fur loincloth instead of a sailor suit. Of the two, Oop is the more thoughtful and tougher on his own without eating spinach, but both have swollen calves and forearms. Subscribe, tune in, all together now. It’s time for an adventure, and you will want to find out what happens next.


Ooola is her own woman although Alley Oop thinks she’s his girl. Nothing in her manner or appearance, unless it’s the curl beside each of her cheeks, distinguishes Ooola from a suburban female of the thirties, able to make her own decisions and concerned about her man.


Foozy only speaks in rhyme, arranged in couplets, keeping time. * Foozy’s smarter than the apes but he still gets Alley Oop in scrapes.


Dinny is docile and comes when called, allowing Oop to ride high on her neck behind her ears, and she seems to understand whatever Oop says. Having a dinosaur for a pet could happen only in the comics, considering that dinosaurs died out before human beings evolved.

Time travellers

When we visit the Kingdom of Moo we are already traveling in time. Doctor Elbert Wonmug is an agent of the imagination, while cinematic time, skipping between frames, and cartoon time, suspending and connecting, like memories of momentary joy fade on yellowing newsprint.