on this U.S. postage stamp, Blondie watches Dagwood as he collides into Mr. Beasley, the mailman, mail flying into the air

BlondieChic Young

Blondie Boopadoop

Blondie was a funny carefree flapper, a pretty girl who loved to dance. Dagwood Bumstead was the straight man from a wealthy family, fatally attracted beneath his class. After they married, they switched roles. Blondie is the sensible adult and Dagwood is the clown.

Comical difficulties

Dagwood’s parents disown him for marrying Blondie so he has to take a demeaning job. Dagwood, always running late, collides with Mr. Beasley, the mailman. Dagwood never gets the raise that he demands from J.C. Dithers. Dagwood has loaned his saw to his neighbor Herb who has come over to borrow the saw. Dagwood locks himself out of the house wearing embarrassing pajamas. Dagwood tries to take a nap facing away on the couch but the neighbor boy, Elmo, suggests that he think about hotdogs.

Dagwood sandwich

Piled layers high, cold cuts and sliced bread, cheese slices and cold cuts, vegetables and bread, impossible to overstuff.