Fellini, a black cat with a white face and paws, follows Henrietta, a small girl wearing a short light-blue dress and reading an orange book.



As an adult, the little blue monster Olga, with an orange reflector cone as a hat, helps Liniers draw the strip by pushing on his pencil. Olga has five huge fangs and says only “Olga.” In the strip, Martincito, or perhaps Liniers, is a little boy and Olga’s monstrous blue hand helps by daintily grasping the eraser end of his pencil.


Humans have red peg-like noses and small black ovals for eyes. Henrietta’s nose is very small, a barrette pulls her brown hair back to the right of her forehead, and she wears a short light-blue dress with a white collar. The cat, Fellini, has white paws, a white face, a round red nose, and long black vertical pointy ears. Fellini’s eyes are large open ovals and its feet and legs are not always attached to its body. Panels in this strip can be shaped any which way. The colors are lightly water-colored in. Each line is perfect, casual and expressive.


Little gnomes wear simple gowns and clownish hats with minds of their own transgressing time.