on this U.S. postage stamp, Nancy

NancyErnie Bushmiller

Precocious child

Highly stylized as to be conspicuous with her hyphen-nose and a bow in her frizzy hair Nancy Ritz took over the strip upstaging her Aunt Fritzi.

Minimalist art

Whereas Nemo and Bringing Up Father are known for their detail, Nancy is known for its simplicity, avoiding detail whenever possible, for example, by putting Nancy’s hands in her pockets.


Smart and naive, lazy and cute, kind and mischievous, normal and absurd, Nancy is an innocent eight year old, often surprised, whose logic is like a pun.

Sluggo & Nancy

Both are orphans, both are lazy. Sluggo is poor while Nancy is not. Nancy is clever while Sluggo’s a little thick. Sufficiently alike, sufficiently different.


Nancy is small, but her soul is the same size as anyone’s. She does not abide Sluggo’s attraction to the Spanish girl Dolores Margarita Lolita Ines Raquel Conchita Teresa Maria Carmencita Sara Madelina Lupe Francisca Juanita Gomez, nor the fact that her name is simply Nancy Ritz.