the Peanuts characters (Franklin, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, and Sally) raise Snoopie and Charlie Brown on their shoulders

PeanutsCharles M. Schultz

The necessity of suffering

Charlie Brown is the one who suffers because is is the archetype of the average person.

Kite-eating tree

Charlie Brown tries to fly his lovely paper kite but it keeps getting tangled in the kite-eating tree. It doesn’t matter when Charlie holds the kite’s string for days; the kite-eating tree never lets it free.

The football gag

How could Lucy continue to fool Charlie? She never will let him kick the ball. It must be love; love that’s willing to trust is love that always trusts, and Lucy knows it.

World War One Flying Ace

Snoopy’s doghouse is a Sopwith Camel, the Red Baron a worthy opponent, and heroism enough to earn love and adoration. The power of dreaming transforms Snoopy and his doghouse to soar bravely in fierce dogfights. The absurdity of Snoopy’s fantasy and the fact that he always loses emphasizes the nobility of his efforts. With bullet holes in his doghouse, Snoopy curses the Red Baron and he never gives up.