on this U.S. postage stamp, Terry in a jacket and hat of a military pilot with another soldier, the silhouette of a bomber in the background

Terry and the PiratesMilton Caniff

Manifest destiny

Suspense and humor color assumptions of superiority over criminals, social elites, and women.

Pirates in the China Seas

Villany and greed coupled with a disregard for the value of a human life jeapordize life and limb but a young man can use his wits, his friends, and a little luck to foil the darkest plot.

Dragon Lady

The Dragon Lady, like other villains, refers to herself in the third person. She is Pat’s femme fatale, and is known as the Pirate Queen. Wealthy, criminal, she fights on whatever side suits herself.


George Webster Confucius, Chinese guide and cook speaks pigeon English and is overtly comical others called him their “Chinese boy” but he saves Terry many times showing neither intelligence nor bravery.

Pat Ryan

Not the kind of man to be tied down by a pretty girl; nevertheless, he falls in love, so it’s good he’s captured and knocked on the head, so his bravery can master a less difficult foe.