Lviv, Ukraine

Under the streets of Old Town, cellars where tradesmen had stored their goods were abandoned a century ago but had been gradually rediscovered and connected. The whole operation was the dream of a former art student named Dymtrus. He had discovered the first hidden underground vault next to the basement of the art school near Rynok Square, and he realized that where buildings were crowded above ground, their old basements stood even more close together. Often only the thickness of two bricks separated one from the other. His only goal was to lower the cost of living for art students. To pay for carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, Dymtrus charged a quarter of typical above-ground rents. The work was explained as a renovation of the art school basement. The underground facilities provided apartments, studios, and meeting rooms. Everything was well-ventilated, warm, and well-lit. The city knew nothing about this, but explained the inefficiency of their electrical system to transmission losses.