Rivers and Lakes

To the south, the Sacramento River drains twenty-seven thousand square miles of California from the Klamath Mountains to the San Francisco Bay. To the north, the Columbia River drains two-hundred-fifty-eight thousand square miles, from seven states and Canada. Between these, the great Klamath River drains fifteen thousand square miles of northern California and southern Oregon and flows two-hundred-sixty-three miles through the Klamath Mountains and is a vital route for the migration of salmon and steelhead trout. The headwaters of the Klamath River in Upper Klamath Lake are home of the Great Basin redband trout, which move into the Williamson River in the summer when Klamath Lake warms up. The Williamson River and its tributories drain three thousand square miles and empty into Upper Klamath Lake, along with Wood Ricer, and Crooked Creek also home to brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, and Lost River suckers. The Trinity River and its tributaries known for its runs of Chinook salmon and steelhead, drain three thousand square miles and flow into the lower Klamath River. In addition to the Upper and Lower Klamath Lakes the Klamath watershed includes Agency Lake, Clear Lake, and Tule Lake. And other rivers and creeks flow directly into the Klamath River— Blue Creek, Red Cap Creek, Boise Creek, Salmon River, Copper Creek, Clear Creek, Elk Creek, Indian Creek, Scott River, Shasta River, Willow Creek, Jenny Creek, Lost River, and Link River.