About Five of Us

Five of Us was published by Mary Magagna, PA6-5000 Press in June 1981 in Sebastopol, California, in an edition of 500 copies. Mary chose the contributors and established guidelines for each of us.

“All rights” were to be “reassigned to their respective authors upon request.”

In the intervening years, we have sadly seen the deaths of two of us.

Marty Goldstein was born in Los Angeles on 14 October 1949 and died of a brain tumor on 9 January 1983. He was thoughtful, kind, funny, loyal, and passionate. His talents included building and designing furniture, and sculpting figurative wood and glass. He loved to travel, camp, and hike. He had worked as a carpenter and had become a philosopher, teacher, and writer.

Leonard John Cirino was born in Los Angeles on 11 September 1943 and grew up in the San Gabriel Valley. He was a state champion pole vaulter in high school and in college. Leo was the author of twenty chapbooks and fourteen full-length collections of poetry. He died on 9 March 2012 of metastatic liver cancer in Springfield, Oregon.

This online edition was designed and produced by Tom and Liz Sharp with guidance from Mary.