Chapter 8. Outcasts


In Leviticus, it says, people would sacrifice a kid goat, and release a second one to carry their sins and impurities into the wilderness.


People didn’t know how to treat leprosy and it was contagious, so they cast the lepers out, or isolated them in colonies. This was the greater good, considering they themselves were afflicted by ignorance. It wasn’t really their fault. The disease goes back before the second millennium BCE, but the first effective treatment became available only in 1940.


You don’t want to know the troubles I have. I don’t want to talk about them. As for all the reasons, I don’t want to hear about them either. A man is what he is and can try to behave, but what does it cost him? When they kicked me out, Frankly, I was relieved. It’s not fun; it’s not pretty, but at least I’m free.

Doing good

They were so happy, thinking they had gotten rid of all their difficulties when they got rid of me. It gave me pleasure, even though they wronged me, knowing they were wrong.