A mote flies in my eye, no blood, no fur, no big brown eyes to paint the contours of the eyes, the eyes of children after birth, to prevent the evil eye. * They’re hard to see with naked eyes, and can damage the eyes. Eyes that wander, gaze into our lover’s eyes with the naked eyes in the vitreous humour of the eyes in the ultraviolet spectrum, which to human eyes glows blue. * Maybe your eyes have deceived you; the eyes grab our attention. Eye liner, eye shadow, almond eyes. Lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, rouge, blush. Military camouflage face paints, eye black for athletes. * Ducklings follow the first thing they lay their eyes on threaded through the eyes of needles when you shut your eyes tightly, with, as it were, the naked eye, if you close your eyes, your eyes, my dear, your eyes of blue. * A sailor makes an eye splice so that the eye has the desired size in a single line from an object to the eyes, the rays that hit the eyes perpendicularly, are capable of deceiving the eye. From a distance I see by my eyes the glints in your eyes— gullible eyes, gullible ears, with eyes looking up! * In the eye of the beholder and deflection in the eye. and little brown eyes that look at us. Their small hands, small noses, beautiful eyes the color of her eyes. * Robert Hooke described a fly’s eye, made distant objects appear close to the eye, stars that the eye could not see we see not from light emitted by our eyes. * In the forest, the eye ignores the mass of leaves how to trick the eye with an illusion of depth. * Poison can put a hue on the cheek and a luster in the eye that emanates from our eyes. So the eyes of the evil Doctor Cold, to gather light and magnify distant objects to the eye refracting in the eye takes off scars in the eyes. * Your eyes water, you sweat, smaller than our eyes, unaided, can see, and so the eye encompasses the obvious only. States of matter danced before our eyes, happiness in your eyes with his naked eyes, his “little eye,” more accurately than the optical ability of the eye, and may not be the same from eye to eye.