in others—other lives, other tribes something is sent from the one to the other, unintelligible to the others. Berzelius coined the term meaning other behavior Others say he failed so that others may perform similar procedures from mandrake, hemlock, ivy, and other stuff. Argon doesn’t react with other elements, with robots or other mechanical systems, and other rare earths. Small amounts of gadolinium improves the workability of other metals or radioactive isotopes of other elements, and lacks nonverbal communication skills and empathy toward others. * Others published more outlandish theories— and what I accept from others to hold on to each other. * they all know each other so that if one lover complains, then the other combing each other’s hair for dirt or ticks or calling each other on the phone, a coastline or other natural border exhibits a red colour and no other; some a yellow and no other, some a green and no other, or cramming it together with others for other creatures, other creatures’ DNA. * he didn’t think that the other hieroglyphs and that all the other hieroglyphs, not because others didn’t understand, have been destroying other cultures, other languages, other habitats, other tribes, races, and species. other senses tell you the other, six months later, astronomers, and other scientists are dual to each other. * Take the first letters of every other word. Take every other letter of every other word. There are other reasons we love them, we and other mammals, detecting a charge on the other end of the wires repel each other, but are attracted by other matter, so that electrified water molecules in a cloud repel each other, which excites the one, and transmits or propagates the other, whose particles repel each other (which also repel each other). Excited atoms bump into each other. Other philosophers say that plants result from spontaneous generation. whether any other than lime produce buds in winter, and the other rose. How can you help but hope that others have good fortune, their streets and paths are cursed or blessed by many others, but not on the other, we know which condition it helps, then recalled by gravity and launched in the other. * surrounded by several other types of organelles, repel each other. to another wire coiled around the other side of the ring. attract or repel each other depending on the direction of the flow. that one derived from the other. but no force, other than gravity, scattering some colors more than others. * Niels Bohr, Charles R. Bury, and others stop blaming others, like any other black body. Chili pepper contains capsaicin and other capsaicinoids. Why do we have trouble accepting others or other chemical synthesis for energy and should balance it with stones at the other end? Buckland then convinced other scientists, as any other ideal black body. Other than that, everything’s applied an electric voltage from the cathode at one end to the anode at the other. Don’t let it escape, don’t wait for any other, anything other than it really is. * other rare earths—gadolinium, praseodymium, rotated the shaft, the device forcefully blew off the other’s hat. can form ionic bonds with many other atoms at a time, or more exotic events undetectable by other means. with all the other pairs to the extent that every ring fit in all the others in a single mass years before others showed it could be done. maybe many others. * Like any magnet, other magnets align with it, north and south. and he inspired other scientists from what she expects of others, and alloying with other metals. Other Dutch spectacle makers while other paths interfere . . . so as to disappear. Other elements may be trapped inside, against each other, * Nobility of others. are what others consider immutable from parts remaining from other experiments. whom others in one’s time and place * to a positive quantity on the other side. Some are opaque; others are transparent Heisenberg and others showed it’s also a beam of particles. and their pendulum testers for paint and other coatings Other artists had had other schemes. * other detached hills, producing firestone and other soft stone for Gothic and other architecture that requires nice workmanship. Killas or slate and other strata of the mountains producing tin, copper, lead, and other minerals for bridges and other heavy works heated up and the other side cooled. Swingers were married people who took other partners, then in the other from the second pallet and others, A place in the universe We may not understand each other here and now open at one end and closed on the other, all related to each other. as its neutrons hit other nearby plutonium atoms, annihilate each other to understand each other. but in towers built by others other people get annoyed. they had created many other radioactive materials, How is anyone to say how others do it? and other elements were actually The other Ptolemys were pharaohs of Egypt and then each mixes their own with the mix of the other and the other to be kept private and used for decryption. * Others couldn’t replicate his work. * and the other . . . well, more on that later. so that others could verify his observations. Others wax and wane like the moon of all other sets, and a heat sink on the other, Other weaponized strains were Anthrax 836, There were obviously other forces at play here, stupidity is a characteristic of others many other vital powers Stupidity is like all other important aspects of human life— and the exploits of other superheroes. or any others. one of which means on, and the other off. none aware of the others but each * Bell relied on others or from fusing with other chromosomes and the other yellow. and consider any other point on the circle, B. others may disagree, but they died the same as any other soldiers * other than its own perpetuation, adding vocabulary from other language families and others are only sympathy for others. * Sumba, Wetar, and hundreds of other islands others impatient patients. On the other hand, what if this stuff irritates others beyond measure. others know it as a mystery of mysteries. in other numbers, to distinguish, for example, 105 from 15.