They live in hot springs and salt lakes; common salt, table salt commonly known as “salt.” Epsom salts were naturally occurring— Potash contains various potassium salts— Nontoxic chromium salts In fireworks and flares, strontium salts use paramagnetic crystal salts of dysprosium from the salt marshes of Montpellier. * With various concentrations of salt at various temperatures maybe the salts were impure or poorly dissolved. To reduce tin, zinc, and antimony from their salts, in a vacuum, take it with a grain of salt. Salt is the spirit for electrolysis of metal salts, molten-salt battery, nickel–metal hydride battery, flow battery, sodium chlorine, common salt. * Red Marl and Gypsum, soft sandstones and salt rocks and springs discarding the salts (which included salts of bismuth and salts of barium into salts of bismuth and salts of barium. * Vinegar and salt, sipped and gargled. Salt an essential Salt in the sea Salt of the earth Salt and the savory Salt for offspring Salt for the salacious Salt in rituals Salt rub Salt cellar Salt as currency Salt crystals, salt licks Salt mounds Salt tectonics Salt mines, salt ponds Salt caravans, salt roads Salt and civilization Rock salt, table salt Old salt Pillar of salt Pinch of salt like salt or sugar cave pearls, spherical concretions of calcium salts, extracted the salts of a new metal.