Chico Welcomes You

Lyrics by Tom Sharp

Chorus: D G D D G A7 C Em Am G C Verse: D G D D G A7 D G D Am G C

Chorus: Dchico Gwelcomes Dme Dchico Gwelcomes A7you Cthe lions club of Emchico Amwelcomes Gpassers Cthrough chico is a good town good for growing tea chico is a hot town distant from the sea driving into chico through the dust and heat driving into chico we are really beat driving into chico middle of the day it’s clear to us that chico ain’t a place to stay driving into chico middle of the night the pretty lights of chico contradict the blight now we’re into chico we’re just passing thorough see you later chico we’ll bid you adieu chico is a dry town good for growing grass chico is a small town didn’t stop for gas