Lyrics by Tom Sharp

We give the poor Hondurans the boxes, bees, and training to start a business keeping bees for honey The bees just do what bees do. They fly out to the flowers and gather nectar for their sisters in the hive Honey Honey The fam’ly in Honduras can gather honey and bees wax and sell it to support themselves which is what the bees do. They gather and they save it for when the sun is weak and storms are strong Honey Honey I fly across the orchards those pear and apple orchards. My wings keep working until I come to rest. I search for open flowers, for their nectar gives me powers. I bring it to my fam’ly, to my sister honey bees. Honey Honey I am a social creature, my dancing is a feature. I show my family where to find food for free. I stay away from spiders, from the skunks and bears and badgers. The production of our honey is the goal for me as bee. Honey Honey