Chapter 12. Egyptian

The order of the universe

Our universe is cyclic; if you determine its patterns then you understand the influences of the gods. Harmony and morality work against the forces of chaos and violence; thus Maat is always fighting Isfet.

Weighing your heart

After you die, Anubis puts your heart and Maat’s ostrich feather on a scale. If your heart is heavier than the feather, Ammit eats your heart, so no more lives for you.


Atum created the world with magic. In you, that magic is your soul. Your soul resides in your heart and is composed of many parts— your form, spirit, identity, intellect, personality, reputation, and power. Your soul doesn’t die if you’re good unless Ammit eats your heart. We mummify you to preserve your form so that you may be reborn, assuming we do the rituals and spells and make the proper offerings.

The myth of Osiris

Here’s where the Egyptians tell the universal story of Hamlet, only this time it ends happily. Horus kills the usurping uncle, Set, so his father, Osiris, can be brought back from the dead to be with his mother, Isis, and restore universal harmony, Maat.