Chapter 15. Greek


Prometheus made us from clay. He stole fire and gave it to us, and he gave us the arts and sciences. Zeus punished Prometheus for stealing fire and giving it to us. The arts and sciences are other forms of fire that is worth suffering for.


Pandora was a normal human being. Hephaestus created her, Athena taught her how to weave, Aphrodite gave her grace, Hermes gave her a shameless personality and the power of speech, but Hephaestus gave her the ability to think for herself. She could make her reality conform to whatever she desired, and she was curious. Warnings could not still her hand.


A noble spirit struggles for the good. Was he a man or was he a god? A king who rivaled the gods, or a god who cared about us, he killed his own children, but he made the world safe for us by performing twelve labors.

Ages of man

It’s not a gradual decline. At first, the gods fought among themselves. After they created humans, gods and humans struggled together. Now, not so much. Now, we can tell a story, and nobody believes it really happened.