Chapter 18. Hoodoo

Conjure rituals

The parapsychological power of the oppressed can not be suppressed. Hypnosis and trance states are as common as sleep and emotions; why not spells and potions?


Once you accept that luck and power are supernatural forces, health, wealth, love, or vengeance can come your way from the right powers using secret supplications and the right mojo.

What you need

You need certain powders; don’t ask what’s in them; just pay what they ask for them. You need your van-van oil. That’s for rubbing your skin. You just do what they say. You need your mojo hand. That’s a cloth bag with herbs and minerals in it. And you need a talisman, not the one that you choose, but the one that chooses you.

Haint blue

Paint your porch with haint blue and troublesome spirits will avoid you.