Chapter 4. Jewish mysticism


We weren’t innovating, but our teaching had been hidden in the writings of rabbinic sages who worked in the decades after the destruction of the temple. Esoteric and magical thought has always been received from God. Yes, the divine can be understood and described. Yes, a mystical union with God is achievable with intense study, prayer, and ritual. Yes, rituals can change both divine and secular realms. Many years of study confirm hidden truth and delight.

Ezekiel’s chariot

The likeness of a man sits on a throne of sapphire. His throne is supported by four living creatures. These are the hayyot angels each like a man but with four faces and four wings. One face is like a man’s, one like a lion’s, one like an ox’s, and one like an eagle’s. The angels’ sixteen wings cover themselves and hold to each other. Below the hayyot are the ophanim. Each of these is a wheel inside a wheel, a cycle, and a way. Finally, the seraphim, the burning angels, ascend and descend like flashes of fire to power the chariot hierarchically, from God, to the likeness of a man, to the hayyot, and then to the ophanim.


The secret doctrines are too difficult for beginners to study, and too dangerous to share in public. Their fire can burn with zealous speculation that undermines respect and reverence, leading to idolatry and blasphemy. It is best to follow your teachers, whose caution is meant to keep you from harming yourself.

The secret names of God

Each secret name of God is a seal to protect you against the angel that you must call on if you wish to ascend into the heavenly palaces protected by angels and awesome hosts singing the praises of God.