Chapter 9. Norse


Each god has a part to play. Thor to protect us with his hammer, Odin to share knowledge using runes, Freyja to foretell the fates, If any new role appeared, we would get a new god to give it importance.

Ymir in Ginunngagap

Between never and nowhere, between the glacier’s cold and the volcano’s heat, was the yawning gap where neither grass nor sand nor wave nor rain could be, the gods created the earth from the bones of Ymir, the clouds from his brain and the seas from his blood. Plants grew from his hair, and Ask and Embla grew from his armpits.

Ask and Embla

The first male and female were trees from the armpits of Ymir, and were without sense, or blood, or the ability to move. Odin gave them breath and blood, Vili gave them brain and brawn, and Vé gave them senses and speech; otherwise, no one would tell the story.


We describe our gods, giants, magical humans, and dwarves somewhat tongue in cheek, exaggerated in the telling of tales about humans, with their quirks and failings.