Chapter 21. Santería

Your Orisha

Your Orisha was given to you before you were born. We can tell which one you got from your personality. The creator sent the orishas to help us here on Earth. Otherwise, you may never understand yourself or align with your destiny.


If an Orisha, such as Oshun, who is the deity of femininity, fertility, beauty and love, reminds you of a saint, such as Saint Mary Magdalene, that’s not just a coincidence. If a saint, such as Saint Christopher who protects travelers, reminds you of an Orisha such as Eleguá, who is our deity of roads, it could be that Christopher is a path that Eleguá takes or Eleguá is a path that Christopher takes. 
An Orisha, like human beings, may take any path.


Before I can heal I have to see. I have to see what afflicts you. For each natural affliction is a supernatural condition. Maybe an Orisha has watched you sin. Maybe a dead one is attached to you. We need to placate the deity or spirit. We may do this with a ritual of praise and sacrifice. We may do this with herbs, or with music and dance. We offer food at an altar, and we may offer blood. The outcome may be difficult; you need to change your life.