Chapter 23. Slav

Ancient Slavic faith

Before the Slavs were Christianized and Germanized, they were unified by common beliefs, myths, and rituals. After these ceased to have official recognition, people syncretized the old gods with the saints and passed on the old knowledge in folktales and superstitions.

Our ancestors

The one creator, Deivos, begat a cosmic duality, the White and Black gods, and all the male and female gods of heaven and earth, gods of waters, forests, trees, fields, hills, cliffs, hearths, households, crops, bees, pigs, horses, lambs, birds, snakes, sicknesses, and gods of the seasons, thunderbolts, rains, fires, the sun, moon, and stars.


Lightning splits the clouds; lightning splits the oak tree. Perun the Lord of Power, the god of wind and thunder, is an eagle atop the sacred tree. Perun with his lightning bolts vanquished Veles, banishing him to his watery underworld, so we call on Perun for weapons and for vanquishing our foes.


Jutrobog, brother of the sun god, is the morning god, the giver of health and abundance, the god of the moon, and he is bald.