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Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa

Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa, on top of Mount Kanchanjanga
On top of Mount Kanchanjanga, the world’s third highest mountain.

Mr. Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa was the climbing leader of the Everest Height Re-Measurement Expedition that brought the new height of Mount Everest as 8848.86 meters. With a humble beginning as a kitchen boy, Mr. Sherpa’s career in professional mountaineering has spun over 25 years. There are hardly any trails and valleys left untouched by him. As an author, Mr. Sherpa has published his autobiography, a photobook, multiple research papers and has participated in discussions on tourism and mountaineering in various platforms.

An explorer and learner by heart, Mr. Sherpa has shown his management skills with Alpine Sherpa. A bit after initiation, the company has expanded to multiple treks, expedition packages, heritage tours and innovative activities like ski tours. Mr. Sherpa has also been involved in sharing his experience and learnings with younger adventure aspirants in multiple academic and vocational platforms.

Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa and two other mountaineers, holding a survey department poster between them
Tshiring with the survey team when determining the new height of Mount Everest.

Tej Bikram Shahi

Tej Bikram Shahi, wearing a topi hat
Tej Bikram Shahi, headmaster.

Tej Bikram Shahi is an Authorized National Tour Leader in Nepal. He has led numerous trips including National Geographic Adventure Expeditions. as well as Earth’s Paradise scientific research expeditions. He is the founder of a secondary school and headmaster at another secondary school in north western Nepal, where he teaches ESL, life skills, and world crisis solutions. He has a master’s degree in education and recently earned a second master’s degree in disaster crisis management and waste management. Tej calls himself a wanderer and loves hiking alone and with groups in his homeland, Nepal, but his greatest joy is his four-year-old curious and inspiring daughter.

Tej Bikram Shahi, with a pack on a trek
Tej Bikram Shahi, trek guide.

Nepali Children

Five young children dressed in blue nylon jackets and knit hats, numbered: 1. Swang, 2. Piurnima tamang, 3. Lakpa tshiring sherpa, 4. Tshiring Choten sherpa, 5. urken Dorjee sherpa
These children study at local school at Ghatt named Shree Pema Sholig Primary School.
Five young children go to school here, a narrow building on the side of a hill
Shree Pema Sholig Primary School.


On page 58, boys in Namche Bazaar play sarangis.

Three boys play sarangi, photo by Bernice Condit
Sarangi. Photo by Bernice Condit.

Himalayan Tahr

Himalayan Tahr
Himalayan Tahr.

Nepal Reflections

Presentation covering Nikki’s trips to Nepal