More Book Club Questions

  1. Sonam relies on the elephant god, Ganesh. What does Ganesh do for him? Ganesh is a god in what religion? What religion is Sonam?
  2. What spiritual source do you turn to if you want help?

  3. What is the name of the village where Sonam lives? Where is it?
  4. Khumjung, near Namche Bazaar and Mount Everest, in Nepal

  5. How many children are in Sonam’s family? What are their names and ages? Which child is the sister?
  6. Dorje (16), Sonam (11), Pasang (9), and Lhakpa (8). Lhkapa is the sister.

  7. What animals, familiar and new, appear in the story?
  8. What animal in the world is your favorite and why?

    sheep, wolf, yaks, birds, monkeys, musk deer, Bengal Tiger ( see terai animals), snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, elephants, bats.

  9. What is the occupation of Sonam’s father?
  10. What occupation would you like to have? Why?

    He teaches novice mountain guides how to lead extreme climbs.

  11. Why did the king summon Sonam?
  12. To send him to Nepali villages to draw the people and their life in the villages, then bring the pictures to the king.

  13. What city does the king live in?
  14. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

  15. Sonam wants something that will change his life. What is it?
  16. To go to secondary school.

  17. What is cultural geography?
  18. The study of places and society.

  19. What are the two main religions of Nepal?
  20. Hinduism and Buddhism.

  21. What are the two big countries that border Nepal?
  22. India and China.