Life is to live

Life is to live, Songs to sing, Dances are to dance, If you but take your chance. Fun is to be foolish, Pleasure to please, Games are to play, This living’s the way. Friends are to fool, Humor to help, Life is won, If you have fun. Secrets are to broach, Strangers to embarrass, Lies are to tell, If you can tell them well. Freedom is to be bold in, Teachers to taunt, Rules are to break, If the trouble to take. Work is to avoid, but— Only wealth owes reverence, And all that counts Is material accomplishments. Privilege is to exploit, Knowledge is to display, Of what use is to learn, When this can be pretended anyway? The future is to forget, Responsibility doesn’t exist, Reality is to ignore— What else are these for? Life is just a huge merry-go-round. What do I do tomorrow?