“Simple Work”

While searching for something to say, I say that I am searching For something to say. While remembering how to write these words, I write that I am remembering How to write these words. While finding that I am able to think these thoughts, I think that I am finding That I am able to think these thoughts. There, that’s something done. Hard work: Push with talk Against a line of ignorant people. Push with a pen Against a surface of ignorance. Push with a thought Against a volume of unknown. Work with talk To make noise. Work with a pen To make words. Work with thought To make life. Make noise in the air. Make words on the earth. Make life in time. Teach. Communicate. Learn. There, that’s something done. Hard work. Must communicate and learn To teach. Must teach and learn To communicate. Must teach and communicate To learn. Must make noise. Must begin to search for something to say, Instead of for something already said. Must make words. Must begin to remember how to hold a pen, Instead of how to hold a history book. Must make life. Must begin to find that we are able to think for ourselves, Instead of the assurance that we are still able to follow. But must teach as others have taught, To teach as we should teach. But must communicate as others hve communicated, To communicate as we should communicate. But must learn as others have learned To learn how to learn as we should learn.

October 1969