Turn up the radio

Turn up the radio. Turn within yourself. So Listen not to anything But that which sings. The beat builds up Your shallow spirit, But it downs The world around. The noise will remove Your neighbor’s move, But force your mind To sleep all the time. And to hide behind A noise isn’t kind, For you will find Something rotting—your mind. Here’s garbage to you— The stupid one who Ignored his environment, So to Hades will be sent. And hiding your face Behind wasted time Is to quit the world, Whichg won’t help to better it. Health can come To people from A healthy earth If they regard its worth. Don’t hide your face Behind that waste. Pitch in and help. It’s better than hell. A healthy world around From a world that’s down Will come if you are ready For this responsibility. Accept—don’t remove Your neighbor’s move. Fourish—don’t rot Your mind. Why not?