And if you have ever felt

Religion’s enduring technique, daily key of faith to the practical door of heaven, as a consequence prayer: supplication to your God, sharing with your God, of your spirit, your soul, of the life-principle in you, your feelings. And, if God lives everywhere, where in particular? and where is heaven, in particular? I think of millions of persons, on Sunday mornings, praying, led by the reverend, minister, priest, or every other human-guide-teacher, all thinking to themselves. If their thoughts were voiced, the noise would end the earth, an apocalypse of vibration upon men with ruptured ears— the millennium. The sinner at the pulpit has the techniques and the talent to help others find the door so it can be opened. I think of millions opening the door. They cry with joy. They live in a world of soul, their own. They have only themselves, bravely. Never mind who sees the tears. The body is only a vehicle, and the feeling: thought, belief, and knowledge are tools. They feel themselves, themselves, and they love themselves at one with God and God is in every human alike. Themselves in every one, alike. And the love. And, if they couild feel the pencil and paper, and words, they would write a poem. And they grow. In particular where: in man. Prayer feels a supplication to self, an awareness of self, shared in thought with God living in you. When (if) asked “How often do you pray?” say: Even in my sleep I feel to the soul who, beneath the corporal, beyond all belief, thought, and knowledge, I am. When (if) asked “Where do you go when you stop responding to the unfeeling of the world around you?” say: I go to heaven. If you have ever felt you had been somehwhere, where you, with everyone, alike, lived more alive and more true than you had ever been before, that’s what you can name the place: heaven.

November 1970