One Fragment of Youth

Upon one with an unmitigated drive for refreshment, and amassed with a need for clarity; upon one’s systems of disorder, and arrangements for irregularity, is superseded a compulsion for enlightenment, and an overpowering immateriality. That fragment of youth will always be the sufferer; because refreshment must be easily found and unconstrainedly accepted; because clarity isn’t clarity when compounded upon inhibitions and incarcerations of the soul and mind; because enlightenment is not impossible to find, but only impossible to use as a tool to assist an evasion from the conventions of the only working enlightenment—the basis of society; because immateriality is part triviality and part the quality of having escaped to impunity from reality, which, alone, isn’t an organon with which to live on; but rather an aviary of the mind for a self-proclaimed and self-sustained martyr— a fool.

February 1970