Purged Platitude

Maya (Hindi): the physical universes conceived as having no reality.

Acquitted maya—what those are so The words that I write satisfied words. You’ll see what killing come next I Write words, soon. You’ll notice you bet. I not fool feel bodies dull and achingheads Cannot be yielding ignored by words. Trite, bland, important, aching heads hurting More than me. I pass by many People come next to myself living And hear words: smiling platitudinal mockery Of banal politeness hanging always tormenting, But here killed by the next five words. Word 1 Politeness is the code of the decent. All simple definitions reach will suffice Around each assumption other just the same. Word 2 Decency is the silence of the modest obscene. Concealment of obscenity lingers men In those I pass renders such an appearance. Word 3 Propriety stifles. Silence killing free breath which Becomes propriety from decency. Word 4 Decorum is the sign of an unincreasing soul. Dead breath equates with such as Unincreasing, identifying decorum. Word 5 Dignity is the badge of fools Self-elevated by inner convictions Ignoring reliance on arbitrary resolutions. Dignity becoming elevation of the decent Arising from self-deception sustained decorum Unincreasing generally identify with fool Thus fool resulted way around smiling platitudinal Mockery which inner lie becomes ignoring Sacrifice breath for polite stagnant standard. Acquitted maya—what those were so The words which I wrote satisfied words. * Sentence like structure also standard Ignoring. I so just also acquitted such Paradox: I must change to show such is unimportant. Maya: It’s only a northern song I sing Disregarding the changing kept stagnant by mankind. Searching for meaning beyond mere paradox.

July 1970