A Poem

Music yes first because I’m listening to music Next I wrote four lines which I then unwrote with lines that have significance beyond red ink power to crucify unpoetic words (I can feel the thief steel into the poem thus distinguished unmusical not a part) thus unexisted damned a lined just as judgment to be not a part Time also first because (I must) the poem goes on from music from general to abstract to the expression of music’s perception (and the sentence is a line on a sphere to equator around to where it first appeared) second because that isalso time third because I have time to never end this poem as I circled sentence to never end Ordinal numbers as a measure (which is more abstract) (the paragraph was three ordinals in time where “three” is a measure of the measure) Next I almost ended this poem because of paper whose lines end “almost” because (I must) the poem goes on in my mind where “next” is a measure of now which has no length no interval distinguished from “third” a measure of time which I judge as that that is music that is everything else (and a poem)

March 1971