When night’s a drug to kill all movement, When darkness has no light, Then the minds of men let loose their tension, As springs of clocks unwind. The men men were when there’s light to see men Fall off their loosened minds. And their minds assume things who are not them, Strange spirits then revive. The spirits begin to dance dreams in them, And after patterns wind, Patterns left by the desires of real men, Desires not gratified. Awakening, men remember arrangements Of ideas in the dance. Some men laugh and forget they desire them, And some men take no chance. They search in the darkness of the morning, Search deep into their minds. They open up their hearts to meanings, But that they seldom find. There are men who work to analyze dreams, To say if they’re wrong or right; There are men who listen to their own dreams, Who know all dreams are right. A dream’s the soul saying, “Give me life, men.” The soul of all alive. “I’m not a mental apparition. “I’m all that you men hide. “If you could only find my meaning, “If you’d respect your needs, “Then you’d become aware of all things “That spring fulfilling dreams. “If I were alive and living in men, “If I were understood, “Then men could take steps towards loving all men, “And then creating good.”

January 1971