Life is from a sun: many rays, many directions. We have our own expressions, experiences, knowledge, personalities, positions, but that is life, not love. What is a newborn kitten? or the way birds fly? What is lying in a tall green grass field smelling the earth in the air? What is watching the rain? What is singing and dancing? What is the way we feel after we cry? What is a smile? or a frown, for that matter? What is the reason we pretend and play games? What is the way we pick at the world as if it were our noses? I could say, life. Its sun is love. The word love brings: I love you. I want you; need you. I could say “I love you” a hundred times, and never tire. Love is the emotion between us. The dictionary says: a strong, usually passionate, affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons But I feel a meaning that transcends other words. I try to put it away in words: feeling the part of us we two that reaches out to each other, to everyone, loving. Love is an emotion that lives unconsciously beyond me, beyond us, yet within me, within us. Love is our emotion: we say, “our love.” Love is a circle, a sphere: out here, from me, into you, and back to me. And it’s everywhere around.

February 1971