Old Box Dogs

I’ll drink beer if you’ll have it with my youth would give dogs indigestion I leave all my dogs at work, you whose ears were solidly boxed for your assumed wisdom long ago, now demanding respect, your only excuse that your ears were boxed, to demand I keep the dogs in whose house you live, are unable to box my eyes or walk quickly and with your problemss to their end, to the right to ask me which are my manners, to become indignant if I’d have retorted I leave all my dogs at work. Turtles are abominable and slow creatures. Dogs would eat them, except their shells to the right that I should be obsequious and slow around you, box you. Hell (if it weren’t for you) except walking quickly (rudely) through you strengthens you, must have something, you who can’t see darkness with your eyes closed.

June 1971